General construction, construction management, and engineering of residential and commercial buildings.

Top-quality service in Estonia, Baltic States and Scandinavia

Services and Fields of Work

Every day we give our best and aspire to top-quality and
perfection to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

General contracting and project management

We are a reliable and trustworthy partner who finds innovative and optimal solutions quickly and with high quality.

Construction consulting
and advice

We advise our client on all construction issues, from the preparation of the construction process to the successful completion of the construction process.

Concrete and
assembly work

We have done a lot of concrete and assembly work for large general contractors and private customers in Estonia and Europe.

Concrete floors

We have long-term work experience in constructing concrete floors. We guarantee a high-quality result at a competitive price.

Owner supervision

We represent and protect the interests of our customers in the construction process, ensure the quality and progress of the work following the project and standards.

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We can help you with the transportation of materials.

We transport large parts, construction materials, heaters, sea containers and much more with the help of our machines equipped with cranes.

The transport service fee within Tallinn is 35 € / h, outside the city 1.2 € / km.

To order, call +372 5590 5484 or send a letter to

While striving for perfection and the highest quality, we meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer.

EvoCon Grupp OÜ is a construction company established in 2012, whose main areas of activity are general construction, concrete work, construction management, and design of residential and other buildings.

Our constantly developing, sustainable, and competitive company aims to offer reliable and high-quality service in Estonia and other Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

Our most significant competitive advantage is reliability, top quality, and flexibility in communicating with customers. In addition, we value a healthy and pleasant work environment and consider it essential to minimize the ecological footprint of our activities.

Our company is ready to cooperate with other construction companies.

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2x Concrete Building of the Year

For two years in a row, we have been awarded the Concrete Building of the Year award.

The seven most important milestones in our career

We consider these objects to be significant milestones in our journey as well
as proof that we are a reliable and capable partner.

Tivoli apartment building

Kohtla Järve wastewater treatment plant

Lookivi Park logistics center

Kehra power plant

WoHo commercial and apartment building

Ektorpsvägen, Nacka apartment building

Karulaugu sports center

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