In order to find the best or the most optimal solution we, the professional partners, are here, offering fast service with quality.

Consultation based on construction is about finding the best solutions for the client

  • The client will receive information how to choose the contractors and how to prepare the procurement
  • Analyzing received offers
  • Compiling construction contract, following the laws, standards and norms of the Republic of Estonia
  • Choosing better solutions that have quality and/or are with more optimal prices

We have a long-term experience in concrete and montage works, in Estonia and beyond its’ border. We do subcontracting for different clients such as private ones with smaller needs and contractors with bigger requests.

We have a long-term experience also in pouring concrete floors. We can provide a result with high quality and competitive price.

The aim of the owner surveillance is to represent and protect client’s interests in the construction process. It means to guarantee high quality of construction work, to be sure that everything goes according to the project and to follow the construction norms.

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